Lightroom CC: The Truth Is In The Cloud

An Adobe Lightroom rant, but in praise of it
Adobe Lightroom CC
Look, anyone surprised by Adobe supposedly killing the pro version of Lightroom (now named Classic) and launching a cloud version hasn’t been paying attention. There’s so much going on in tech, photography and the world, in general, I won’t blame you if you haven’t noticed. I did because it’s my job and I’ve been using a prerelease version... Read more

Phase One Capture One Pro 10

The alternative to Lightroom has a big update
image-editing software
For most photographers, the photographic workflow begins and ends with Lightroom. Capture One Pro, developed by medium-format camera manufacturer Phase One, has lived for years in the shadows of Adobe’s 800-pound gorilla, attracting customers through word of mouth and through the passionate evangelism of its users. Capture One Pro was built around... Read more

Natasha Calzatti: Getting The Most Out Of Your Images

A photographer explains how simple adjustments can yield big results
Natasha Calzatti
Photographer and post-production guru Natasha Calzatti  teaches photographers how to get the most out of their digital captures through classes at Samy’s Camera and Santa Monica College in Southern California. In addition to efficient workflow and learning the tools available to us through state-of-the-art software, Calzatti emphasizes the importance... Read more

Automate Your Lighting Plans With A Unique App

set.a.light 3D studio lets you plan and document complex lighting solutions with the click of a button
Automate Your Lighting Plans With A Unique App
set.a.light 3D allows photographers to auditon and document any number of lighting scenarios. Preparation, or lack of planning, can make or break a photo shoot. Fortunately, there are software applications to assist in production planning and to help ensure a successful shoot. One of these applications, set.a.light 3D Studio (that’s not a typo, it’s... Read more

Hi-Tech Studio: HDR Software

Get the full tonal range, create distinctive effects and make your images stand out with High Dynamic Range technology

HDR (high dynamic range) photography, in theory, is capable of displaying more of the range from shadows to highlights than the human eye can see. HDR merges together several images at varied exposures to capture the full range of tones. The final image, when created this way, is technically a composite. You’re capturing details from the extreme... Read more

Maintain Flexibility

Using Smart Objects in conjunction with Adobe Camera Raw gives you the ultimate nondestructive means of filtering that there is within Photoshop

Camera Raw 1.0 first appeared as a $99 plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 7 in 1999. The ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) plug-in only supported a few cameras in the beginning, but shooting RAW was quickly recognized by early digital adopters as the way to go, and things took off. After the initial launch, the plug-in shipped free starting with Photoshop CS, eventually... Read more

Defaults: A Double-Edged Sword

The pros and cons of using Develop defaults in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

Whenever you import new photos into Lightroom, they always come in with the same basic set of settings. Every control is generally set to zero, with a few notable exceptions, such as the controls in the Detail panel. And these default settings seem to be the same for every camera. But did you ever wish that you could change that? At their most basic... Read more

DPP Solutions: jAlbum

Complex offerings in a simple-to-create online gallery and eCommerce service

The jAlbum desktop software is designed as an exceedingly easy way to present and manage your photography on the web without the need for learning complicated programs. Hundreds of album themes are available for quickly and easily installing a template for showcasing your images alongside an integral eCommerce solution with print and image sales available... Read more

Inside RAW Files

A look at how cameras capture raw image data and why maintaining copies of your RAW files is an important and easy way to protect your most critical images

Back when the first really good DSLRs were starting to become available, the vast majority of photos still were being taken on film. So when you picked up a digital camera for evaluation, you naturally compared it to film. The quality of film was the bar. The new digital images not only had to at least equal film in sharpness and resolution, but they... Read more

DPP Solutions: Scanning Revisited

Use the most up-to-date scanning software to get more detail and resolution from your best film images

While I’m often surprised by just how many photographers have never captured an image on film, the reality is that most photographers who have firmly embraced digital photography still have a collection of film images. Perhaps in the excitement of all the latest developments in digital camera technology those "old" film images get forgotten,... Read more

The RGB Shuffle

How to go from RGB to Photoshop and back

In the article "The RAW File Shuffle" (DPP, September/October 2011), we took a look at the process of taking a RAW file to Photoshop for editing and then completing the round trip, bringing the file back to the Lightroom catalog again. This time, we look at that same process for RGB files, which is just a little bit different. Fig. 1 ... Read more

Is Cloud Storage For You?

Recent announcements by several tech giants have brought cloud storage into the mainstream. Will it work for you as a professional photographer?

The Internet is nothing new to photographers obviously, and it has had a tremendous impact on the overall photographic industry. In some ways that impact has been remarkably good, such as it’s enabling photographers to reach a huge audience at very little cost. And in some ways that impact has been troubling, such as it’s enabling a meteoric... Read more