Hi-Tech Studio: HDR Software

In-Camera HDR

HDR features are showing up in cameras increasingly. While in-camera HDR doesn’t offer you as much control over the effects, it’s simple and convenient to use.


1 Because camera manufacturers are intimately familiar with their sensors and in-camera processing engines, they can make the best use of both in generating the HDR images.
2 In-camera HDR is incredibly convenient. You can experiment with the effect while you’re shooting and decide if a full-blown bracketed series is called for before you spend a lot of time at the computer.


1 Many in-camera HDR functions are only available when you’re shooting JPEGs.
2 Most in-camera HDR only uses a couple of exposures, which limits the ability to create an HDR image that sho
ws the full dynamic range.
3 Yes, you can see the effect on the camera’s monitor, but that’s no substitute for a large screen when you’re evaluating the look.

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