Managing The Confusion

Changes to Lightroom’s model have some photographers looking for alternatives
My introduction to “real” photo management happened when I outgrew iPhoto and installed Aperture. I learned quickly enough how powerful managing photos was, from staying organized to changing dates to adding GPS coordinates. Back then, I used it to create web albums and even made a slideshow movie. If I forgot to set up the camera’s date, I’d... Read more

Lightroom CC: The Truth Is In The Cloud

An Adobe Lightroom rant, but in praise of it
Adobe Lightroom CC
Look, anyone surprised by Adobe supposedly killing the pro version of Lightroom (now named Classic) and launching a cloud version hasn’t been paying attention. There’s so much going on in tech, photography and the world, in general, I won’t blame you if you haven’t noticed. I did because it’s my job and I’ve been using a prerelease version... Read more

DPP Solutions: jAlbum

Complex offerings in a simple-to-create online gallery and eCommerce service

The jAlbum desktop software is designed as an exceedingly easy way to present and manage your photography on the web without the need for learning complicated programs. Hundreds of album themes are available for quickly and easily installing a template for showcasing your images alongside an integral eCommerce solution with print and image sales available... Read more

Is Cloud Storage For You?

Recent announcements by several tech giants have brought cloud storage into the mainstream. Will it work for you as a professional photographer?

The Internet is nothing new to photographers obviously, and it has had a tremendous impact on the overall photographic industry. In some ways that impact has been remarkably good, such as it’s enabling photographers to reach a huge audience at very little cost. And in some ways that impact has been troubling, such as it’s enabling a meteoric... Read more

DPP Solutions: Studio Management Software

A variety of software solutions keep your photography business streamlined and your mundane tasks minimal

More business is good because that means more money. More business is bad because that means there’s more to keep track of. As your studio grows, software that provides customized management tools for photographers and their studios becomes even more relevant. Luckily, there are a lot of great software solutions out there, and here we look at... Read more