Speedy Memory

Lexar Professional 16GB UDMA 300x CF CardMemory cards aren’t sexy. You rarely see crowds around a Photokina booth looking at a pro photographer talking about the latest Compact Flash cards. But you and I know that cards need to work and they need to hold a lot of images, the bigger the better.

At Lexar they have 3 families of memory cards, one for pros, one for serious non-pros and one for everyone else. They are named “Professional UDMA”, “Professional” and “Premium” respectively.

At Photokina they announced the middle (Professional) line has been bumped up in speed from 133x to 233x. If you want to talk about speed in terms of megabytes instead of “x’s”, then it is going from 20MB/sec to 35MBsec. The cards come in 2, 4, and 8 GB versions.
Lexar Professional 8GB 233x CF Card
On the Professional UDMA line Lexar was showing the new 16GB version. The series of cards operates at 300x or 45MB/sec. To get speeds that high you need to be using UDMA enabled devices.

Ok–not sexy–but good looking.

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