Stephen Schultz

Story Behind the Shot: Reflection was shot in my home studio back in 2009. I was playing with this effect that I had created, using Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint and Paint Shop Pro. It was a wet chrome look that I was applying to the human form, kind of a “Silver Surfer” look. While I was shooting with the model, I decided that I wanted to try this effect on her; I wanted her to look like she was part of, or coming through, glass. I posed her on a wooden crate looking over her shoulder and brushing her hair (as if she was looking into a mirror). I then shot the mirror at the same angle using the same white backdrop. I then combined the two using different effects.

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D, Norman lighting, two umbrellas

Stephen Schultz

Stephen Schultz started shooting photography in the mid 70’s with a 35mm camera. With several family members who were experienced in the field, he was motivated from a very young age. In 1995 Schultz started his career in graphic design where he learned to combine photography skills with computer graphics. His technical skills can now produce everything his imagination creates.

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