3 Top Tips for Better Swimwear Photos

Winter is the best time to sell more swimsuit images
Photo of a swimsuit model
Temperatures may be plunging as we head into winter (at least in parts of North America) but that’s no reason to stop thinking of ways to elevate your swimwear photography so you can make some sales. That’s the message of Anita Sadowska’s tutorial below where she shares three top tips on how to get your swimsuit photos to stand out... Read more

Photoshop’s New AI Makes Colors Pop. Here’s How

Use the Colorize tool boost color in flat images
Photo of Photoshop color tip
We’ve been spotlighting some of the more useful features in the latest version of Photoshop but here’s an intriguing new way that Adobe’s image editor processes color. Using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that’s baked into Photoshop 2022, you can make flat color in your unprocessed photos truly... Read more

Is Photoshop’s New Depth Blur Tool a Game Changer?

Updated feature creates a bokeh-like blurred background effect
Photo of Depth Blur in Photoshop
One of the updated features in Photoshop 2022 that has caught the attention of many photographers is Depth Blur, a filter that simulates the background blur or bokeh effect you get from using a lens with a fast aperture. But is Depth Blur 2.0 in the new Photoshop really a capable substitute for a high-quality lens that can produce a shallow depth of... Read more

Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 5 of David Hume Kennerly’s Iconic Images

Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist discusses his classic shots
Photo of George Bush and Michelle Obama by David Hume Kennerly
Have you ever wondered about the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic images? Our new series “Legendary Photos,” features photographers from Canon’s Explorer’s of Light program, past and present, giving us behind-the-scenes insight on how they captured these unforgettable moments. For the inaugural installment... Read more

How to Get Better Color in Photoshop with Hue Masks

An easy way to nail color during post-processing
Photo of Hue mask Photoshop
Getting the right color in your images is part of what using Photoshop or Lightroom is all about. Last week, we shared a tutorial on how to produce striking color in your photos by creating a cinematic color grade. And now here’s an easy way to process more accurate color by making a Hue mask in Photoshop. In the below tutorial led by software... Read more

Give Your Photos Striking Cinematic Color in Photoshop

Add drama to your images by tweaking the color in Photoshop
Photo of cinematic color in Photoshop
One way to add some drama to your photos is to give them a cinematic look. And an easy way to do that is by creating a cinematic color grade in Photoshop. Photographer and Photoshop expert Eli Infante shows you how in the simple but effective Photoshop tutorial below. In the video at the bottom of this post, Infante explains his color grading process... Read more

Make a Realistic Background in Photoshop in 5 Steps

Avoid flat, amateurish backgrounds with this technique
Photo of background in Photoshop
An effective background can be key to an effective portrait. Sometimes, however, the background where you shoot your portrait will look dull or even distracting. One solution to this dilemma is to swap in a non-photo background – such as a gradient, an abstract pattern, or a graphic – behind your subject in Photoshop. However, that can produce a... Read more

On Assignment: Techniques for Capturing Autumn Leaves

The best assignments are right in your own backyard
Photo of Autumn Leaves technique
Editor’s Note: Have you ever wondered how your favorite photographers capture the images they take? Digital Photo Pro’s monthly column “On Assignment” is where Canon Explorers of Light, past and present, share a backstage look at one of their favorite assignments and how they delivered the goods. This month we go On Assignment with outdoor... Read more

A Quick Way to Fix Color in Images in Photoshop

Correct color in thousands of photos with just one click
Photo for color correction trick in Photoshop
One the most surefire ways to get accurate color in your images is to use a gray card. But, from time-to-time, you’ll leave your gray card at home or simply forget to take a picture of it during a photo shoot. What do you do now? Photographer and author Glyn Dewis shares a “quick fix” for color correcting images in Photoshop in the... Read more

How I Made It: The Story Behind Douglas Dubler’s Leaping Horse Photo

A renowned fashion and beauty photographer captures horse jumping
Photo of a jumping horse
We mostly know Douglas Dubler 3 for his iconic fashion and beauty photography, so when he showed us his striking equine image above from the recent Hampton Classic Grand Prix, we were a bit surprised. We shouldn’t have been. Dubler 3 has been photographing horse jumping for a few years now and sees this type of photography as an extension of his... Read more