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3 Foolproof Poses when Photographing Women

Use these go-to posing techniques for stunning portraits
Photo of posing

Posing tutorials for portraits are among our most popular stories so it’s always great to feature another photographer who wants to share their advice on posing techniques. In the below video, portrait photographer and popular YouTuber Manny Ortiz presents what he calls “three foolproof poses when photographing women.”

“Have you ever been out taking pictures of people or clients and you start feel that pressure?” Ortiz asks. “Your mind goes completely blank, and you forget how to pose a human being? I think we’ve all been there, and I still struggle with that from time to time. That’s why it’s important to have go-to poses and her are three of my go-to poses that will work if you’re shooting models, your girl, your mom. Whoever’s in front of your camera.”

#1 Fiddler

“The first one is called ‘The Fiddler’ because it looks like the model is fiddling with her fingers,” Ortiz explains. “Tell the model to interlock their thumbs right here with their hands and slowly separate their hands back and forth creating a very nice soft pose. Instead of just asking them to hold onto their hand. This is a nice relaxed for someone that’s trying to look cute but trying to try too hard.”

#2 Beautiful Headache

“The second one is called ‘The Beautiful Headache’ or ‘Captain Morgan.’ I used to call it Captain Morgan because it looks like a sailor looking off into the distance. For this one you want to ask your model to pretend like she’s brushing the hair off her forehead. The important about this is to make sure to go through the motion. It’s as simple as this.”

#3 L Pose

“The third pose is the most versatile. It’s called ‘The L Pose.” One arm goes across the belly and the other one, the elbow goes over this hand and now this hand here you can do whatever you want with it. You can put it by the chin, on the side of the head. You can even let your hand dangle out like that. Grab onto your necklace. Very, very versatile.”

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