7 Guides To Black & White Photography

black-and-white photography

From interviews with pros who share their techniques to software and lighting solutions to printers, these guides explore a variety of ways to work with monochrome photography.

1. Julia Dean: Finding The Lost Angels

black-and-white photography

The photography legend turns her eyes on Los Angeles, a city—and people—in transition, revealing a vibrant street life in black-and-white. Read More…

2. Jerry Uelsmann: The Alchemist

black-and-white photography

Jerry Uelsmann is a creative genius, but it takes technical prowess to translate what his mind’s eye sees to a tangible medium. His composite images are all the more impressive with the realization that the surreal visions were created in an analog world. Learn why his surreal imagery has inspired a generation of digital artists. Read More…

3. B&W Conversions

black-and-white photography

Photography began with black-and-white images and the darkroom process, where images came to life. Today, photographers have many more choices. Some photographers still shoot black-and-white film and develop in the wet darkroom. But for most photographers, we capture in digital color and decide later if we want to convert to black-and-white. Read More…

large-format prnters

Large-Format Printers

Epson and Canon, the two leaders in the photographic printer market, both updated their printer offerings recently, delivering devices that provide better print quality, faster speeds and higher resolution at prices comparable to the companies’ previous offerings. Read Now…

4. MJ Kim: Shadow Of Light

black-and-white photography

How this photographer crafts rich black-and-white celebrity portraits and, in the process, creates images imbued with timeless elegance. Read More…

5. Going Retro: Antiquing In The Digital Darkroom

black-and-white photography

Contemporary photographers seem drawn to revisiting historic imaging styles in their own work. Some photographers have returned to the photographic processes of the past—from Ambrotypes to Agfacolor to the DeMaria-Lapierre Anastigmat lens—but the world of digital after-capture has given us modern alternatives. There’s now an array of tools for easily reviving the distinctive, sometimes esoteric looks of photographic processes in our shared past. Read More…

6. Michael Kenna: The Photograph As Sense Memory

black-and-white photography

Despite the digital revolution in photography, the perfect medium for Michael Kenna’s work is black-and-white film and silver-coated paper. This simple appreciation for the smallest details offers a splendid filter through which to view his work. He photographs landscapes, but isn’t a landscape photographer. He travels constantly, but isn’t a travel photographer. He works in black-and-white, but he isn’t a black-and-white photographer. He’s an artist who records what he sees and, somehow, what he senses and feels, as well. Read More…

7. Low-Key B&W Portrait Lighting

black-and-white photography

With a simple setup, using strobe lights or constant sources, in a studio or even on location, photographers can create beautiful, low-key black-and-white portraits that prove minimal lighting can deliver a maximum effect for dramatic, moody portraits. Read More…

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