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Capturing a Big NFL Game From Above

How an NFL photographer got the shot

Sometimes all it takes is a perspective shift to capture an interesting photo. For NFL photographer Janaye Johnson that meant shooting from a catwalk high above U.S. Bank Stadium. 

Johnson posted a short 360 POV video from the catwalk to her TikTok a few days after the Wildcard Weekend game between The New York Giants and The Minnesota Vikings.

“My legs were jelly, I hate heights more than anything,” she wrote in the caption. 

It’s no surprise that the video quickly gathered a handful of comments that shooting from that perspective, rather than a traditional field-side vantage point, was pointless. But Johnson’s stunning photos from that particular game say otherwise.

Her bird’s eye perspective of the game offers an extremely unique point of view of the big game. Honestly, we think these shots are on par with what the sky-cam provides during televised games. 

Johnson has been photographing The Vikings since 2018 and has tons of experience capturing players on and off the field. See more of her work on her website and check out her epic photos from the catwalk in the video below. 



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