How to Pose Men: 10 Minutes of Tips & Techniques

Photo for posing tips for men

It’s no secret that most male wedding and portrait clients don’t know how to pose themselves properly. That’s why it’s always good to have a refresher course on the fundamentals of how to pose men to ensure you capture flattering photos that will please your clients.

In the below video, photographer Pye Jirsa shares practical, real-world advice on how to pose men, whether it’s a groomsman at a wedding or an actor needing a publicity photo. Even better if you’re in a hurry, Jirsa demonstrates all his killer tips and tricks in just ten minutes.

“Look, nine times out of ten, clients that stand in front of your lens are not going to know how to pose,” Jirsa says. “So, understanding posing basics is absolutely huge.”

In the video, Jirsa works with model Derek Pratt to demonstrate poses that simulate groom and groomsman-type photos. Jirsa begins the 10-minute instructional with what he calls “The Basic Shot.”

“We’re going to start with this worst-case scenario, which we often see,” Jirsa says. “Just stand their straight, flat-footed and let the hands go. It’s very common; people just kind of stand there. Sometimes you’ll even see grooms and groomsmen with their toes kind of going in. So, what we’re going to do is work now to correct the entire posture and give you tips along the way in terms of shooting and everything.”

From there, Jirsa works with Derek on the following poses and techniques, which he calls “Foundation Posing” because it begins with the feet. We’ve included timestamps so you can jump to sections in the 10-minute video at the bottom of this post.

1:44 – Feet

3:03 – Hips

4:09 – Hands


5:55 – Spine

7:21 – Neck & Jaw

8:15 – Camera Tips

Check out the video, which is from Adorama’s channel, below. If you’re looking for more help with posing men, here’s another great tutorial with “7 ways to pose men for portraits.”

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