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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 7 of Walter Iooss Jr.’s Iconic Images

Sports photographer discusses his classic shots

Kobe Bryant, 2001

Photo of Kobe Bryant

This was taken for Adidas in Los Angeles. We used to do work together for Adidas and when you’re working for a client like that, you have all day to shoot. So, it’s not like you get your 15 minutes and he was a great poser and then he was gone. We became friends through all these shoots, and he had such a great mind, Kobe, and he did know how to pose. He was handsome. He understood the process.

I always had a great time with him and the last jobs we did. It was like I preferred talking to him than shooting and I think the last time I photographed him was in Las Vegas. We would just sit and talk. Michael was like that too. Kobe was amazing. He wrote songs. He won an Oscar. He loved photography and music and used to commute to practice in a chopper. He lived south of Los Angeles. He was a great guy and an incredible athlete.

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