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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 8 of Harry Benson’s Iconic Portraits

How a master celebrity photographer captures the world's most famous people

Dolly Parton

Photo of Dolly Parton

It was Nashville 1976, and I was waiting for Dolly Parton to get ready for me to photograph her when I saw her standing in front of a mirror touching up her make-up. I said, “Dolly, don’t move, just keep on doing what you are doing, you’re looking good,” and she obliged.

It was a completely natural photograph, no lights were set up, yet it was the one I liked best from that day. Dolly was just like you imagine her to be, friendly and a bit flirty with a great sense of humor, and fun to photograph. Dolly is smart about the press in a good way. She is immediately your new best friend, and I truly think that is her natural personality, not in any way contrived.

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