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Fix Exposure in Lightroom with One Click

The fastest way to fix exposure issues

The newest version of Lightroom makes it easy to quickly fix exposure problems using a single click. Anthony Morganti demonstrates how to use it in a new video. This particular technique works best if you are working with a series of images where one exposure is good and one image is either overexposed or underexposed.

It’s something that can happen if  off camera flash doesn’t fire or if your lighting conditions change drastically while shooting outside. It’s an extremely straightforward technique, but one that can save you a big chunk of time when editing a large series of images. Here’s how to do it. 

#1 Select the Images You Want to Match Exposure On 

In the Develop tab click on the series of images in the filmstrip that you want to match exposure on. Make sure to select the image with the most accurate exposure first. Hold the command or control key to select the additional images that need to have their exposure levels adjusted. 

#2 Select Match Total Exposure 

Once you’ve selected your series of images click on the Settings tab and select the Match Total Exposure option. From there the program will automatically adjust the improperly exposed images to match the settings of the properly exposed image. 


#3 Finetune Exposures 

Although this technique works pretty well the results aren’t foolproof, you can make adjustments to the exposures by using the exposure slider in the Develop tab. 

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