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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 7 of Peter Read Miller’s Iconic Sports Images

Lights, cameras, action!

Reggie Bush

Photo of Reggie Bush

This shot is from the 2005 USC vs UCLA game. My camera was right on the ground. In the days before mirrorless cameras with tilting screens, I used a Canon Angle Finder to see without having to be completely prone.

I was at the back of the end zone and was expecting a run up the middle by the fullback Lendale White. White tended to run with his head down, so I was low to try and get more of his face.

Instead of White up the middle, I got Bush in the corner for a score. Fortunately, I was able to pivot the camera just enough to get the shot.

I cannot overstate how the low angle can add drama and heroism to a sports photo. There are a lot of very talented sports shooters in Southern California, and many of them had excellent versions of this play, but I think that the low angle gives my image a little something special.

In these times of amazing autofocus and frame rates that only specialized cameras produced in the past, the importance of adding something special to a sports photo is more important than ever.


Camera: Canon EOS-1 Mk II N

Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS III USM @ 90mm

Exposure: F2.8 @ 1/2500, ISO 250

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