Top Photographers Share Their Lighting Techniques

lighting techniques

These professionals have mastered the use of light to create exceptional work, from editorial to sports to wedding photography. Plus, check out Digital Photo Pro’s Portrait Lighting Essentials Guide.

1. Joe McNally: Master Storyteller

lighting techniques

The photographer balances creativity with lighting and technical prowess to tell compelling stories with his images. Read More…

2. Jerry Ghionis: Seeing The World Differently

lighting techniques

The wedding and portrait photographer marries perfect light and creative previsualization with room for spontaneity, and the result is flawless images. Read More…

3. Dave Black: Elegance In Action

lighting techniques

The longtime photographer combines love of previsualization with a penchant for dramatic lighting to capture iconic sports images. Read More…

lighting techniques

Portrait Lighting Essentials

The art of portrait lighting is the art of bringing out the essence of an individual. With these simple lighting techniques, it’s possible to master any scene with confidence. Read Now…


4. Steve Giralt: Obsessed With Light

lighting techniques

A self-professed generalist, Giralt is a commercial photographer who shoots food, portraits, interiors and still life for magazines, catalogs and advertising. He’s the kid who loved photography, went to a great photo school, moved to New York as an assistant and finally found himself exactly where he always wanted to be—specializing only in professional photography. Read More…

5. James T. Murray: Inside & Out

lighting techniques

Whether he’s shooting on the studio tabletop or in the urban landscape, James T. Murray brings an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s touch to his photography. Read More…

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