3 Top Tips for Better Swimwear Photos

Winter is the best time to sell more swimsuit images
Photo of a swimsuit model
Temperatures may be plunging as we head into winter (at least in parts of North America) but that’s no reason to stop thinking of ways to elevate your swimwear photography so you can make some sales. That’s the message of Anita Sadowska’s tutorial below where she shares three top tips on how to get your swimsuit photos to stand out... Read more

How to Use an Inflatable Pool as a Dramatic Backdrop for Portraits

This DIY backyard set-up will help catch the eye of clients
Photo of kiddie pool backdrop
Here’s a clever do-it-yourself photography project to try out this summer. In the below video, photographer Irene Rudnyk shows you how she set up an inflatable kiddie pool in her backyard and used it as a dramatic backdrop for a portrait/fashion session. “I actually tried doing this concept in my living room this winter, which was honestly... Read more

How to Avoid Burnout as a Photographer: 5 Tips

Decrease your stress with these suggestions from photographer Dane Isaac
Photo for how to avoid burnout tips
For a professional photographer these days, burnout seems inevitable. Clients are fickler, rates aren’t what they used to be, and let’s not even mention what the pandemic has done. But what if there was a way to avoid photographer burnout before it happens? New York City-based portrait and commercial photographer Dane Isaac says it can be... Read more

How to Create a Professional-Level YouTube Studio in a Small Space

6 tips to get you looking good on YouTube even if you live in a tiny apartment
Screenshot of YouTube studio tips video
More and more pro photographers are starting YouTube channels to promote themselves and their work. But if you’re a photographer who hasn’t yet joined the YouTube craze, you’re probably wondering how to get started. And perhaps one of the most intimidating things about YouTube is figuring out how to create an attractive studio to shoot... Read more

Wireless Flash

Radio waves and light beams can make the difference between getting the shot or not
wireless flash
Like many photographers, I worked for a time as an assistant in a studio, where one of my most important tasks was to follow behind (or in front of or beside) the photographer and make sure they didn’t trip over their PC cable, thereby unplugging the lights while simultaneously falling unceremoniously on their face. A remnant of the same era where... Read more

Why You Should Own A Light Meter But Probably Don’t

A light meter is one of the most important tools in a photographers' arsenal, and you probably don't own one.
Photography is about capturing light, which is why it’s confusing that many photographers don’t own a light meter. After all, if we’re trying to capture light accurately and/or creatively, then we need to know how much light there is and where it’s coming from. In this conversation at the Seikonic booth at the 2016 Photokina... Read more

Black & White Conversion

For the most control, try specialized plug-ins like Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Black & White Conversion
Black-and-white photography never goes out of style. It’s the core of imaging and what many of us remember fondly starting with the first roll of TRI-X we processed and printed in the darkroom. As digital took over, there were few monochrome options other than, perhaps, desaturating images in software applications, which usually resulted in dull,... Read more

New Beginnings

Sometimes you need Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes you don’t

Editor’s Note: We’re proud to have veteran photographer and technology journalist Theano Nikitas helm our new “Workflow” column. Feel free to send suggestions or requests for what you’d like to see covered here—you can reach her on Twitter @TNikitas1_DPP or contact us at [email protected] Most photographers have one or more favorite... Read more

The Digital Delivery Conundrum

Large file sizes and multimedia projects are changing the way photographers deliver the goods

With film, it was simple. You shoot the job, process the film, then place the transparencies in a FedEx box or hand them to a messenger for delivery to your client. They open the box and send you a check for the unpaid balance on the invoice. Life was simple, even if it didn’t always seem like it at the time. Starting with the ability to scan... Read more

Why Make Prints

The process of evaluating, editing and prepping an image for making a print refines and consolidates your vision

Despite the ubiquity of images that are shared entirely in digital form, via computer screen, tablet and smartphone, a print remains the ultimate expression of a well-conceived photograph. Images shown on a tablet screen can look spectacular, but a print is tangible in a fundamentally different way. The paper (or canvas or other medium) itself adds... Read more