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A Quick Way to Fix Color in Images in Photoshop

Correct color in thousands of photos with just one click
Photo for color correction trick in Photoshop

One the most surefire ways to get accurate color in your images is to use a gray card. But, from time-to-time, you’ll leave your gray card at home or simply forget to take a picture of it during a photo shoot.

What do you do now?

Photographer and author Glyn Dewis shares a “quick fix” for color correcting images in Photoshop in the below tutorial. The best part? No gray card is necessary.

In the 3-minute video at the bottom of this post, Dewis walks you through his super-fast technique for removing color casts in images. Even better, the process can be recorded as an Action in Photoshop so you can fix thousands of photos with just one click.

Step 1: Choose Levels or Curves

After you open an image, choose Levels or Curves in the adjustment layer section in the top right of your screen. Either adjustment will work for this quick fix because they both have an Auto button, Dewis explains.

Step 2: Select Auto Color Correction

“Now I’m going to hold down the Option key on Mac or Alt key on Windows and click directly on that Auto button,” he says. “When I do that, it brings up the Auto Color Correction Options.”

Choose the third option, Find Dark & Light Colors, and tick the box to turn it on.

“What that is doing is telling Photoshop to look at the image and find the darkest part and make it black, and the lightest part and make it white. We can also take it a step further by turning on this Snap Neutral Midtones section.”

The image should now be color corrected.

Step 3: Make It an Action

“If we want to use this now as a very quick way of color correcting lots of images in the future, we can save this as a default. So, in the bottom we have a check box, put a little tick in there and then click ok.”

So, going forward, if you have other images that you want to color correct, all you need to do is go to Levels or Curves and click Auto and the quick color fix will be applied. If, in the future, you want to change what the Auto button does, just hold down the Option key on Mac or Alt key on Windows, click on Auto and then change the editing options as you’d like.

Watch the video below where Dewis shows you the process.

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