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Easily Convert Low to High Resolution Photos in Photoshop

Save time with this quick technique without pixelization
Photo of low resolution to high resolution image Photoshop

Even though pixel counts have gotten higher and higher in digital cameras, there are times when you’ll have a low resolution that you need to convert to a high resolution image either to print or to share with a client. This could be because it’s a photo from your archive that was shot with an old camera in the past, or you could be doing a massive crop on an image but don’t want to lose detail.

Either way, increasing the resolution of an image in Photoshop is not hard but there are some great quick and effective ways to do it that will save you time. In the below video, Photoshop expert Brendan Williams shows how to easily convert low to high resolution photos in Photoshop.

“If you have a low-resolution photo, you’re limited with how much you can do with it due to the lack of quality,” Williams says. “Luckily you can improve image resolution in Photoshop with a simple technique that only requires two different tools. In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn the step-by-step way to convert low resolution into high resolution and finally get a better quality photo from your pixelated images.”

There are, however, a few caveats.


“It’s worth remembering that this technique will only smooth out the pixelation you see in low res photos,” he adds. “Although the end result is significantly improved, it doesn’t compare to the same level of quality found in a truly clear high-res photo. This instead serves as a workaround for low-res images that you may want to share online but have no intention for printing.”

Step 1: Increasing Image Resolution (0:52)

Step 2: Adding Extra Sharpening (3:44)

Step 3: Comparing Before & After Images (5:02)

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