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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 7 of Ryszard Horowitz’s Iconic Images

How a master photo-composer crafts his mind-bending images

Fall, 2006

Surreal photo by Ryszard Horowitz

Fall is a digital photo composite I created for myself as a part of a four seasons series. It is an example of many photo composites I created utilizing images from my archives. Here we have a nude from a fashion assignment, some birds, a fall leaf I found on the ground and a rainbow landscape taken near our country house in upstate New York. As you can imagine I have an enormous library of pictures, many of them from the old days now digitized, some still on film, and all waiting to be explored and turned into something new. I have a pretty good memory of what I have available so in a matter of minutes I could dig them out should an idea strike me.

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