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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 7 of Ryszard Horowitz’s Iconic Images

How a master photo-composer crafts his mind-bending images

Jerzy Kosinski, 1991

Photo of Jerzy Kosinski by Ryszard Horowitz

This is an example of my early computer assisted image creation. After being highly impressed reading one of Jerzy’s early books entitled “The Painted Bird” and taking many pictures of him in the past, I was motivated to create his portrait as a wild bird. Since we’ve been friends for many years, I had observed his frequent rapid head movements reminding me of a raptor with extremely penetrating eyes. I lifted an eye pupil from one of the eagles I happened to photograph in the past, as well as its wing, to merge with his head to create this image. Tragically, he committed suicide in 1991 before I was able to share my finished portrait with him. This is one of the most popular portraits of him.

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