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Legendary Photos: The Stories Behind 7 of Ryszard Horowitz’s Iconic Images

How a master photo-composer crafts his mind-bending images

Waterscape, 2006

Photo of a surreal waterscape

Waterscape is an example of a digital photo composite I could only dream of creating in the analog environment. To bend and warp a photo element is what computers were made for. I made this image for myself as an exercise to see how far I can push photo elements in a computer and still retain their photographic texture and create a fantasy world I’d love to inhabit. The water surface was shot in a 4×6-foot water tank in my studio.

Photoshop offers us all the necessary tools to let your fantasy come to life providing you learn how to take advantage of it. Since I am a self-taught photographer, it took me years observing others at work and experimenting before I found my own way to work with Photoshop.

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