Lightroom Pro Tip: How to Use Range Masks to Make Targeted Edits on Photos

Screenshot for range masks in LIghtroom

Adobe Lightroom is an incredibly deep image processing and organizing program full of more editing tools than most of us have the working hours to test out. But what if there was one Lightroom feature that could transform your photos in minutes without compromising their professional quality?

If you’re not aware of it already, that tool is called range masks and according to software expert Alex Armitage in the below Lightroom tutorial, it will “absolutely improve your photography editing.” If you’re not using range masks, you need to start today and even if you already know a little bit about this feature, Armitage’s video will help you take your editing skills to the next level.

“Range masks will give you the ultimate control within your edits and is one of the most important tools you’ll learn within Lightroom,” Armitage says. “Learn how I brought to life an image I struggled to edit when in reality it should have only taken me less than 20 minutes.”

We all like to save time in our editing workflow so we can spend more of our day shooting assignments and less of it in front of the computer. In his pro Lightroom tutorial, Armitage walks you through his clear step-by-step process of how he turned a relatively flat image into one that’s gallery worthy in a short amount of time.

Along with range masks, he discusses luminance and color masking techniques in the in-depth, nearly 19-minute Lightroom video. It’s worth noting that if you’re really pressed for time, you might want to skip the intro where Armitage discusses some of the other videos his photography channel offers and jump to the 3:55-minute mark where he begins explaining his radial mask technique in Lightroom.

If you’re looking for more Lightroom pro tips after you watch the video, read our story on how to use Lightroom Mobile to edit portraits on a tablet computer in the field.

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