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New Photoshop Feature Makes It Easier to Remove Objects from Images

Updated Content-Aware Fill tool lets you use content from a second image
Photo of Photoshop tool

Removing objects in Photoshop just got easier thanks to a new feature that speeds up the process and makes it more effective. We’ve shared several tutorials in the past about Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill tool which uses AI to help you zap distracting objects from your photos (such as wires or telephone poles) and replace them with a natural-looking background that blends in with the scene.

The latest improvement to Content-Aware Fill as photographer Glyn Dewis explains in the video below is that you can now combine the content from two photos at once to get an even more realistic final image.

“Removing objects using Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop just got better with this new feature where we can now use content from a second image and use an image that has a completely different composition,” Dewis says. “In this video I show how this new feature is making challenging selections and cloning a thing of the past and can save a load of time.”

Describing the new feature as “like magic,” Dewis shows you how to use it in the step-by-step video at the bottom of this post. The catch is you need to download the latest Beta or “test” version of Photoshop to get the updated Content-Aware Fill tool.


“But it already works great and the best news of all is you can start using it today,” he says before showing you how to download the Beta version of Photoshop. Dewis also walks you through some alternative methods for removing objects in Photoshop including the Clone Stamp Tool and the Layer Mask Option. Later he demonstrates the new feature and explains ways to get the most out of it.

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