A Quick Way to Fix Color in Images in Photoshop

Correct color in thousands of photos with just one click
Photo for color correction trick in Photoshop
One the most surefire ways to get accurate color in your images is to use a gray card. But, from time-to-time, you’ll leave your gray card at home or simply forget to take a picture of it during a photo shoot. What do you do now? Photographer and author Glyn Dewis shares a “quick fix” for color correcting images in Photoshop in the... Read more

How I Made It: The Story Behind Douglas Dubler’s Leaping Horse Photo

A renowned fashion and beauty photographer captures horse jumping
Photo of a jumping horse
We mostly know Douglas Dubler 3 for his iconic fashion and beauty photography, so when he showed us his striking equine image above from the recent Hampton Classic Grand Prix, we were a bit surprised. We shouldn’t have been. Dubler 3 has been photographing horse jumping for a few years now and sees this type of photography as an extension of his... Read more

Sharpen Images by Blurring (Yes, Blurring) Them in Photoshop

It might sound counterintuitive but it works
Photo of blur sharpen technique
Here’s a great Photoshop trick that might seem counterintuitive: you can sharpen an image by blurring it first. In the below tutorial, Photoshop guru Unmesh Dinda shows you this handy technique for portraits, but it works for any photo that needs precise sharpening in post-processing. In the video, Dinda explains how this technique sharpens images... Read more

On Assignment: Creating a Rippling Water Light Effect

Lindsay Adler hits the pool to capture a shimmering portrait
Photo of ripple effect image
Editor’s Note: Have you ever wondered how your favorite photographers capture the images they take? Digital Photo Pro’s monthly column “On Assignment” is where Canon Explorers of Light, past and present, share a backstage look at one of their favorite assignments and how they delivered the goods. This month we go On Assignment with portrait... Read more

This Dodge & Burn Technique Gives Portraits an Edge

Harness the power of a classic method through Photoshop
Photo of dodging and burning technique
(Editor’s Note: James Patrick is an award-winning photographer, best-selling author, entrepreneur coach, podcast host and public speaker based in Phoenix, AZ. You can learn more about him at JamesPatrick.com. Read his DPP story on how to create cover photos that sell here.) Certainly, dodging and burning is a photo technique that’s been... Read more

5 Warning Signs You May Be Over-Editing Your Photos

When it comes to post-processing, there's editing and there's over-editing.
Photo for over-editing your photos tips
When it comes to post-processing your images, there’s editing and there’s over-editing. And because Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are such powerful photo programs, there’s a thin line between an image that looks over-processed and one that looks just right. Pro landscape photographer Mark Denney is someone who has learned the hard... Read more

How to Use an Inflatable Pool as a Dramatic Backdrop for Portraits

This DIY backyard set-up will help catch the eye of clients
Photo of kiddie pool backdrop
Here’s a clever do-it-yourself photography project to try out this summer. In the below video, photographer Irene Rudnyk shows you how she set up an inflatable kiddie pool in her backyard and used it as a dramatic backdrop for a portrait/fashion session. “I actually tried doing this concept in my living room this winter, which was honestly... Read more

An Easy Way to Do a Realistic Sky Replacement in Photoshop

Photoshop has added new tools to do a professional-level sky replacement in an image.
Photo for Photoshop sky replacement
Replacing a boring sky in an outdoor photo by using software in post-production has gotten really popular lately, mostly because it’s gotten so easy. There are quite a few programs and apps out there that will do sky replacement in an image with the tap of key or the click of a mouse. While these “quick fixes” might be fine if you’re... Read more

How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop: 5 Pro Tips

Get the most out of your Masks while editing your photos
Photo for layer mask tips
Working with Layer Masks is one of the backbones of image editing in Photoshop. But are you really getting the most out of your Layer Masks or do you find yourself making the same mistakes on your photos again and again? Software guru Colin Smith of photoshopCAFE is someone who has spent his whole career working with Layer Masks and he has some advice... Read more

Make Skin Tones Pop in Portraits with This Photoshop Technique

Add depth and shape to skin by creating "Zones" during editing
Photo of Photoshop skin tip
Portraits don’t always look the way you want them to straight out of the camera. One of the biggest issues can be your subject’s skin tones, which may look dull or flat if not properly lit or if make-up – or a lack thereof – is off. Fortunately, there are many ways to tweak a portrait during post processing. And, of course, one of the... Read more