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Peter Yang

As one of today’s leading portrait photographers, Peter Yang’s work is frequently found on covers and inside Rolling Stone, ESPN, The New York Times Magazine and Wired and he was profiled in the December 2010 “Masters Issue” of Digital Photo Pro. Based in Brooklyn, Yang shoots assignments all over the world.

Alison Wright

Never content to stay in one place for too long, Alison Wright routinely travels to far-flung locales in search of stories to tell with her camera. Her photography frequently appears in the pages of National Geographic, Smithsonian, Time, Outside and others. Around the globe, she always makes connections with the people she photographs, telling a story in every frame.

David Fahey

Co-owner of the famous Fahey/Klein gallery in Los Angeles, David Fahey is one of today’s leading curators of photography. Fahey and Fahey/Klein Gallery have edited, coordinated and contributed to the production of over 65 publications. Universally respected by photographers, collectors and colleagues, Fahey has a unique talent for identifying cutting-edge work.

Christopher Robinson

From the first issue of Digital Photo Pro in 2003, Christopher Robinson has been the magazine’s editor. He has had the great fortune of working with the best photographers and the best writers on the topic of photography, including well-established veterans and up-and-coming emerging professionals.

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