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Archival Storage:
How the pros do it.
By Ibarionex Perello

Behind The Design:
A look at the art and science of creating the digital cameras we use today, from tiny pocket models to pro D-SLR systems.
By Mike Stensvold

Backup Strategy:
Five steps to ensure you never lose an image.
By Wes Pitts

Bulk Up Your Book:
Producing personal photos on a budget.
By Maura C. Lanahan

Cash Flow 101:
Inside every successful photographer there’s a successful businessperson. One of the most important aspects of making a living in this field is managing your resources to keep your cash coming in.
By Louis Lesko

Control Your Casting Call:
The process of finding the perfect model is a matter of art, science and more than a little luck.
By Louis Lesko

Copyright In The Digital Age:
Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the usage of your photographs.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

Don’t Panic!
When the unthinkable happens and your memory card becomes corrupt, it’s important that you keep calm and apply the right tool.
By Robert Hawk

Display Your Photos Right:
Prepare your prints for framing and long life.
By Ibarionex Perello

eBay Your Old Gear:
What’s old to you is new to someone else. Get some cash back from cameras you don’t need and make new friends in the process.
By Wes Pitts

Experts On Their Own Lives:
Students use digital cameras to document their world.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

The Elephant In The Room
Creating accurate viewing conditions is critical when evaluating your images, and it’s something no one seems to be talking about—until now.
By Jeff Schewe

Getting Through The Down Time:
The unique lifestyle that we have as professional photographers can be challenging when the work isn’t flowing in.
By Louis Lesko

Hi-Tech Studio: Digital Photo Gallery
Go beyond the conventional and display your work with a flat screen or a projector

Hi-Tech Studio: Offsite Asset Management
New services do much more than provide safe storage for your image files.
By Robert Hawk

Hi-Tech Studio: This Space for Rent
Whether you want to avoid the expense of maintaining your own facility or need a place for a special job, rental studio space offers a lot more than a big room.
By Robert Hawk

Learn From A Pro
The New York Institute of Photography helps develop a hobby into a career.
By Kim Castleberry

Learning Together:
Photo workshops connect you to world-class instructors and fellow photographers for hands-on experience that will invigorate your photography.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

Making A Connection:
One well-traveled photographer shares her insights on approaching, composing and lighting memorable portraits, and on learning from the pros.
By Mark Edward Harris

Market Yourself:
A custom photo book gives you a tool to show off a tailored collection of images in a package that makes an impact with a client.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

Naked In The Courtroom:
The Internet has opened a can of worms for photographers struggling to keep control over images while also seeking to get their work seen by the public and image buyers.
By Louis Lesko

PHOTO TRAVELER: Please Release Me (Let Me Go!)
When do you need a photo release and when is it okay to photograph without special permissions?
By Bob Krist

PHOTO TRAVELER: The Tipping Point
Paying subjects to photograph them is a complex issue with no easy answers.
By Bob Krist

The Road Ahead:
With the staggering number of recent changes in the camera industry, professionals are suddenly looking at a shifting group of manufacturers who will be producing the tools of the trade.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

Safe Keeping:
Dealing with the long-term storage challenges that every pro will face.
By John Brandon

For security and convenience, take a copy of your photo library with you.
By Wesley Pitts

Sometimes A Lens Is Just A Lens:
Being a professional photographer is full of emotional ups and downs. Managing the rough times leaves you in a position to reach ever higher levels of success and creativity.
By Louis Lesko

By using the inherent capabilities in your image-processing software, you can work efficiently and exercise greater control over all of your images.
By Richard Lopint

Tax Time Tune-Up:
Developing healthy accounting practices throughout the year will save you when tax season begins.
By Kim Castleberry

The Fix(er) Is In:
Having a local resource to help you plan your photo travel can be a lifesaver.
By Bob Kirst

Throw The Book At ’Em:
Promote your photography with a short-run publication.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

Trademark Two-Step:
Changes in the law could make it more necessary than ever for professional photographers to pay attention to what’s in the frame before shooting.
By Kim Castleberry

Web Services For Pros:
Reduce your workload while improving services for your clients.
By Zachary Singer

Workshops For The Pros:
Workshops aren’t just for amateur enthusiasts. You can take your business to a new level by attending an intense, professionally oriented program.

Your eCommerce Solution:
Partner with an online service that handles your orders, collects the money, ships the prints and leaves you with higher revenue.
By Dave Willis

Your Home On The Web, Part 1:
Making a polished and professional-looking Website doesn’t have to be an all-consuming endeavor. A number of companies can have you up and running at a low cost and with a minimum of hassle.
By Jon Canfield

Your Home On The Web, Part 2:
If you’re interested in getting into e-commerce through your Website, there are some good services to check out.
By Jon Canfield

You’re Not Gonna Believe This:
Making your site stand out in the vast universe of the World Wide Web is key to generating interest and ultimately business, but the hot design also can attract some unscrupulous and sticky fingers.
By Louis Lesko

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