Tactile Photography

Artist Kirsten Kay Thoen combines photography, 3D printing and sculpture to convey place, time and space

As we advance into the era of 3D printing, where everything from airplane parts to household items to entire houses is being “printed” to specification, the art of digital photography, which renders the three-dimensional plane into two, may begin to seem antiquated to those growing up in this age of robotics. However, no matter the level of technological... Read more

Worlds Apart

Inspired by the ancient Silk Road, Drew Tal examines the exoticism of human faces from faraway places, and that which binds us, rather than separates us

“The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set. We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight.” The underlying restlessness in our acts of seeing to which John Berger refers amplifies even further when that which we know... Read more

Human Art

Spencer Tunick explores the social and the political, as he melds sculpture and performance in his series of images of multiple nude figures in public settings

The naked human form has been a staple of Western art since before the Greek and Roman eras. From the Renaissance, in which Michelangelo’s “David” expressed the biblical and da Vinci codified human anatomy into perfect proportions, to Titian’s and Ruben’s depiction of the female nude in more sensual imagery, artists have... Read more


Julian Lennon’s “Horizon” exhibit links photojournalism and fine art for a humanitarian cause

“Tired of this world, all the good that we do Never seems to get through, it’s a shame We’ve pleaded for change but the wars carry on Whether you’re weak or strong, don’t you know? I can change, you can change Everything wrong with our lives We can change all of our lives” —Julian Lennon This song by Julian Lennon,... Read more

Extreme Photography

A devotee of film, Peter Guttman creates images from the edge

If you’ve ever wondered whether chasing photos from the rigging of tall ships, hiking onto volcanic lava flows, tracking gorillas in tropical rain forests, chasing tornadoes across the Great Plains, swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon or sailing an icebreaker to the North Pole could put your work at the forefront of a visually saturated... Read more

Art In Many Dimensions

Ghiora Aharoni’s “Missives” project is an exploration of collective memory

Frank Lloyd Wright once claimed that the mother of all arts is architecture. The mind of the architect, trained in the art and the science of design, craftsmanship, light, material, form and texture, applies creative thinking to building structures and creating environments that shape us. Many architects I’ve met aspire to create fine art while... Read more

Pure Poetry

Bringing original Dylan Thomas manuscripts to a broader public

“I make one image—though ‘make’ is not the right word; I let, perhaps, an image be ‘made’ emotionally in me and then apply to it what intellectual & critical forces I possess—let it breed another, let that image contradict the first, make, of the third image bred out of the other two together, a fourth contradictory... Read more

Divine Inspiration

Suzy Kellems Dominik’s “Beatrice” exhibition takes viewers on a reimagined, multisensory journey through Dante Alighieri’s master work

Seven hundred years ago, Dante described his imaginary journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise in The Divine Comedy, praised as the “most precise piece of visionary writing in European literature.” Dante’s brilliant imagination detailing everything he “saw” whilst on his journey with the ancient poet Virgil inspired... Read more

Realities In Collision

Naomi Campbell’s “Press Play” exhibition explores the nexus where the virtual and the real world meet

“Is the cyber world a more enjoyable place for you to spend your time than the real one?” asks songwriter Paul Williams in a recent Vanity Fair article. “Escaping real connection to ourselves and others through the world in our iPads, phones, and computers is a huge problem. After food it may be one of the biggest addictions we have... Read more

Emotion In Motion

Using lenticular imagery, a drab public space was transformed into one of motion and emotion

Artist Brian Eno once remarked, “Sometimes the strongest single importance of a work of art is the celebration of some kind of temporary community.” As public art becomes recognized as a powerful tool for adding social and cultural value, towns across the U.S. have begun rallying around it to create a shared sense of community and for invigorating... Read more