Pixel Perfect

Alex Guofeng Cao’s mosaics from our collective photo bank

There’s something magical about seeing a photograph, getting up close to it and discovering that it’s composed of tiny individual photos that reveal themselves as a secret hidden within an innocent artwork. The art of mosaic imagery goes back centuries when the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used small pieces of tessera-shaped materials... Read more

The Wave Sliding Club

Akira Seo and the fine art of surfing

Utter weightlessness, flying through the air, transcendental, mystical, magical, thrilling, enlightening—these are some of the ways those who seek their balance atop ocean waves express the euphoria of surfing in words. Surfing is more than a sport. It has come to define a subculture that’s synonymous with the spirit of soaring freedom. Born... Read more

Surrounding Fashion Week

Displaying images that emphasize the crucial link between fashion and photography

Coco Chanel, the iconic fashion designer, once remarked, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only”. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Fashion is stated to be the most influential phenomena in Western culture since the Renaissance. Nothing defines the... Read more

Richard Corman & Icons

Creating timeless prints for the new millennium

Richard Corman is a rare breed of photographer whose work varies widely in style and subject matter, yet it’s always intensely focused on the human spirit. As a portrait photographer, Corman has worked with an iconic breadth of subjects, from Nobel Peace Prize recipients Nelson Mandela and James Dewey Watson to esteemed actors such as Robert De... Read more

Expanding The Audience

United Photo Industries’ massive public exhibitions bring modern photography to accessible public spaces

In an era when the resolution of smartphone cameras has reached an astonishing 41 megapixels, and photo filter apps can render even the most mundane moment into a Technicolor feast for the eyes, digital photography may seem to be reaching a saturation point. Surprisingly, however, as digital imagery pervades all aspects of our lives, the reverence for... Read more

Revealing The Invisible Minority

Adam Stoltman’s new exhibition focuses on bringing an under-recognized group of Americans to the awareness of policy makers who can make a difference in their lives

“As Americans, we get jaded and forget what it means to live in this country. When I see the earnestness with which new immigrants in this country believe in the American dream, I realize how much we take for granted.” These words from photographer Adam Stoltman strike a deep chord in me as I relive my personal history of arriving in this... Read more

Ladies And Gentlemen…The Beatles

The Bob Bonis archive shows the revolutionary group in their rare unscripted moments

Fifty years ago, a band of four young boys from Liverpool, England, landed on the U.S. soil with such powerful force that an overnight movement was unleashed that’s still influencing music, culture and society today. The debut of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 marked a milestone in American pop culture, triggering the “British... Read more

Project Paz

As Juarez continues to struggle with drug violence, artists band together to aid the children of that beleaguered city

Systemic violence is one of the most debilitating epidemics challenging the notions of progress in global societies today. There’s perhaps no city worse hit by this disease than the Mexican town of Juarez located across the Texas border. Declared "the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones," Juarez has been at the... Read more

The Heart Gallery

The traveling “Faces of Foster Care” exhibition makes a stop in Penn Station

“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for foster children in New York City and across the country, a picture is worth improved self-esteem, and potentially, a new home and family.” These moving words from CNN refer to photographic portraits of foster children in the “Heart Gallery,” a traveling photo and audio exhibit... Read more

Marilyn Reinvented

An extraordinary new exhibit of Bert Stern’s photos of Marilyn Monroe at Milk Studios in Manhattan

"Diamonds are a girl’s best friends," sang Marilyn Monroe mellifluously in 1953, forever embalming her charismatic appeal into the highest echelons of glitz and glamour in the world. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe, and in a grand commemoration befitting this queen of glamour, "Marilyn Reinvented,"... Read more

Epic Journey

Jesse Newman’s “Rebirth of Gaea” project

When one wants to understand the origins of Western culture—its art, literature, philosophy—one needs not look any further than Greek mythology. The ancient Greek myth of “Origin” sees Gaia, the mother Earth, emerging from “Chaos” and giving birth to the sky, then the hills and the sea until she becomes the “mother... Read more